FS Houses

Great people to work with

I have found my experience with FS Houses to be excellent thus far. The owners Ryan/Ashley have been upfront, honest, and approachable. They strive to make every deal a win for everybody - building out their business through credibility and long lasting relationships. Ryan has expert knowledge of the downtown Indy market and has helped me maneuver through the acquisition process as I try to build out my portfolio. Ashley runs the property management side of the business.

It is still early in the game but everything has been smooth sailing so far. I trust that my current and future investments through FS Houses will perform solidly. I have no reservations in recommending them to anyone wishing to invest in the Indy market.


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Review of FS Houses

In my opinion, FS Houses is the best turnkey provider in Indianapolis. I've looked at several properties, analyzed several deals, and interacted with many of the other turnkey providers in one way or another. They all definitely have the pros and cons, and I think each provides a quality product for a certain type of investor. However, you won't find better than FS Houses.

First and foremost, they are quality people who will go out of their way to help you. Second, they have the most accurate and conservative numbers I've seen from any of the turnkey providers. Not only do they sell properties under market value, providing instant equity, but they are also accurate with their rent rates. I've seen many deals being advertised with rent rates easily $50-100/mo over what is realistic. Sure it makes the numbers look good, but doesn't always play out that way. FS Houses will not fudge the numbers to make a deal look better, they will just show you what the numbers are because they will look good.

FS Houses also has in-house property management and they are great to work with. They provide wonderful service and are great at communicating any issues that come up.

They also take care of the properties and provide a quality rehabbed property. They will not take any shortcuts when it comes to fixing up their properties.

I will definitely be coming back to buy more properties from FS Houses in the future. They get 5 out of 5 stars from me.

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