• seevemonka
    Hello, I am having similar issues with Elite invest. I am looking for a new management company. I am assuming many more investors are having these issues. Can you please post the new management company you hired? Thanks.
  • MC
    • MC
    • 4 months ago
    I am also having similar issues. Would love to get the details for the new management company you hired! Can you post or send them?
  • JohnTheInvestor
    Please provide your email address and I'll contact you with their info.
  • donuts1717
    JohnTheInvestor- Please send management company info to donuts1717@yahoo.com - Thank you.
  • MC
    • MC
    • 3 months ago
    @JohnTheInvestor - please send management company info to mica2247@gmail.com. Thank you!
  • JohnTheInvestor
    I responded to you all with email addresses!
  • Davidgregory
    Please email me your property management contact - dgreg@microsoft.com thanks
  • garyfreidman
    garyfreidman@gmail.com can you send me the names as well