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About The Company

ProfitFromRentals.com (PFR) provides turnkey multi-unit properties to passive investors seeking above average cash flow. We pride ourselves in identifying homes in opportune neighborhoods and renovating them to maximize marketability while minimizing ongoing maintenance expenses. Our approach allows us to attract more responsible tenants, resulting in reduced turnover.  Our professional property management and tenant management services result in a seamless process from purchase through the holding period.

Our long lasting relationships with banking institutions across the United States, trustee buyers, national REO organizations and short sale experts, are instrumental in providing PFR a consistent flow of  properties that fit the time tested specific criteria of our business model when being considered for purchase.  During the acquisition phase, PFR utilizes its own proprietary due diligence software, enabling the analysis of many assets quickly and efficiently, thus getting a leg up on the competition.   This software was contracted to financial service institutions allowing them to evaluate property values for over 98,000 properties during the last six years.

At PFR, our mission is to rehabilitate and revitalize Chicago neighborhoods, while at the same time providing stable turnkey investments for our investors and property owners. Our value proposition is that by being highly selective and disciplined in our approach, we provide greater cash-flow than that of comparable priced real estate investments in other markets. Currently PFR owns or manages over $36,474,000.00 in cash flow properties and has sold over $26,343,275.00 in the last 24 months.

Justin Ericsson - Founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Ericsson is the Founder and Managing Partner of numerous real estate based Chicago businesses including ProfitFromRentals.com. Ericsson is responsible for the overall strategic direction and leadership of the firm and has generated millions of dollars in passive rental income for PFR clients over the last six years. He drives the development and execution of all strategic and corporate goals, which includes oversight of relationships with capital partners and the evaluation and consummation of new profitable ventures.

In addition, Ericsson has successfully managed the acquisition, sales and marketing of over $150 million in real estate assets, owned several successful technology companies and created a name for himself as a visionary entrepreneur with a highly trained eye for opportunity. Mr. Ericsson's most recent and notable accomplishment was founding the Changing Chicago Foundation (a 501c3 public charity) which operates the only privately funded vocational training program in Chicago. Changing Chicago Foundation is currently preparing to train and employee well over 100 trainees in 2015 & 2016 with many of the graduates going to work for PFR affiliates.

Mr. Ericsson graduated from Arizona State University with a double Major in Business Management and Business Finance. While at Arizona State, Justin served as the Executive Vice President for Alpha Kappa Psi, the nation's largest business fraternity with over 70 chapters nationwide. Mr. Ericsson currently sits on the board of Changing Chicago Foundation, AlgaStar, Gulf Marine Institute of Technology and BioMarine Technologies.

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