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Helping Investors Create Wealth and Passive Income Since 2010

Pinnacle Investment Properties was founded in 2010 to help the average investor that wants the cash flow-benefits of real estate without the hassle of finding, renovating, leasing and managing rental properties themsellves.

As a lifetime California resident with over 10 years of real estate experience, Mike D’Arrigo, founder and owner of Pinnacle Investment Properties, recognized the advantages of real estate investment but saw that it was virtually impossible for investors to get cash flow and good ROI in high cost markets like California and as a result, turned to more affordable out of state markets with better returns.

Knowing that most people are too busy with work and life to do this themselves, he saw the need for a simple and safe way for the non-professional investor to buy cash-flow rental properties outside of their hometowns and take advantage of the opportunities to create passive income through real estate regardless of where they live.

Today, Pinnacle Investment Properties helps both domestic and international investors create financial security and wealth through cash-flow real estate investment in strategically selected markets.

We research and select the best real estate markets and work with carefully selected affiliate partners in each market to offer quality, turn-key properties that provide a safe, consistent, passive income stream.

Through a series of educational events, webinars and podcasts and The Pinnacle Perspective radio show, our goal is to provide investors with the educational resources and information they need to make sound investment decisions.

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