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Leveraging their experience for you

With over 61 years of combined real estate experience in Central PA, the senior management team at PA Deals is a diverse group of real estate professionals with the real world experience, work ethic, ambition, and formal education needed to deliver their clients exceptional results and returns every time.

From its humble beginnings as a start-up in 2006, PA Deals has become the premier, residential real estate investment firm in Central PA. Completing in excess of $100,000,000 in real estate transactions since 1999, this team understands the complexities of real estate investing, strategies and concepts at a level few others ever achieve. Ranging in age from 32 to 60 years old, PA Deals management understands the needs of all age groups and can relate to each of their client's goals personally. Younger talent keeps the team current on emerging internet trends and the latest technology while the seasoned members stay grounded and provide wisdom and insight only achieved through age and experience.

Over the years, the management team has bought, redeveloped, sold, and managed over 1,000 investment properties ranging from entry level, single-family homes to large, multi-family apartment buildings. All of their investments are within a 30 mile radius of Harrisburg, PA and as a result, they maintain an accurate pulse on the Capital Region's real estate market and overall economic condition.

This team has not only created an effective process for diversifying their capital into well located, investment real estate but they also give their clients access to the same lucrative investments in a structured and passive investing environment.

The ultimate goal of the senior management team at PA Deals is to provide a viable investment option to their clients allowing them to deploy their capital into high-yielding, professionally managed real estate opportunities.

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