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Ohio Cashflow

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"You're not just purchasing a property, you're entering a longterm relationship where we guide you throughout the lifetime of your investment."

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Ohio Cashflow has established relationships with professionals that have extensive experience and local knowledge of the Toledo, Ohio market. These relationships have enabled us to provide turnkey, high net cashflow properties to investors. All of Ohio Cashflow's turnkey properties are renovated to an excellent standard. During renovations, we strive to eliminate any upfront maintenance issues that we predict might occur in the future. Our property management team conducts thorough background checks and employment verification on every potential tenant. A property will not be leased to any individual with even the slightest dent on their rental history. When you speak with the team at Ohio Cashflow, we will always present who we are, what we do, the after service provided, and the properties we have available. There will NEVER be any pressure tactics or sales gimmicks from anyone at Ohio Cashflow. Proceeding with the investment is only right when it feels right for the investor and not when anyone or anything else tries to influence their decision. Ohio Cashflow has always emphasized quality over quantity, and for this reason we are only willing to work with a LIMITED number of investors (25) and properties (50) every year. With this limit in place, we can guarantee the highest quality of workmanship, our undivided attention to every individual, and the best possible after-service.

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