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The MACK Companies Philosophy In a neighborhood right outside Chicago, centered in a town rich with history you’ll find the MACK Companies; a family of real estate divisions. The parent company, MACK Industries, was established in 1998 by Chicago entrepreneurs and real estate redevelopers, Jim McClelland and James “MACK” McClelland. Mr. Mack, as he is referred to by his employees, partnered with his son Jim to lay the foundation for what is now one of the nation’s largest redevelopers of single-family homes. The McClelland family of industry professionals brought with them a wide array of talent, but most importantly, the McClelland father and son brought with them a set of core values they embedded deep into the corporate philosophy. Those values allowed them to expand far past the family owned and operated MACK Industries to grow to an organization of over 6 construction and real estate divisions and 150+ employees known as MACK Companies. Part of a two-decade-old organization, we have spent years perfecting a real estate investment model that allows individual and institutional investors to benefit from a turnkey investment experience that grants substantial returns. In August of 2012 MACK Investments leaders structured the largest single-family performing asset deal in U.S. history and in March of 2014 we were named among the fastest growing companies in Chicago. Our experience working with large investment groups as well as our long-standing relationships with individual investors worldwide demonstrates our buying, lending and management advantages in this billion-dollar asset class. Armed with a team of industry experts, we buy, redevelop, lease and manage all investments from the start on through the many years of the asset’s performance An Opportunity to Build Wealth and Net Worth Real estate offers a unique investment advantage that allows organizations and individuals the ability to diversify their portfolio with investments that can be leveraged, produce a monthly cash flow and will appreciate over time. Real estate is one of the only asset classes that allow investors an opportunity to finance an investment with the use of borrowed money, giving them control over an asset without paying a majority of its value up front. With a positive monthly cash flow being generated by renters, real estate allows investors to pay off leveraged money to the bank while gaining passive income. While property loans are paid down, property values rise over time, granting investors the opportunity to own an appreciating asset.

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