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ABC Capital Investments, LLC is a one-stop shop for overseas and US real estate investors. We locate, renovate, and manage properties for hands off international/national investors. ABC leads the nation in attracting foreign investment institutions and investors to the U.S for the sole purpose of investing in Real Property. ABC has presented our unique value proposition all over the world including cities and countries such as London, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Monaco, and New York. Our investments are cash-flow producing rental properties in the Philadelphia residential markets.

ABC Capital Investments was created in the heart of the worldwide recession as more investors needed to generate stable cash flow income that they could rely on. Investors no longer wanted to speculate in property. Philadelphia was the perfect location for this type of investment. Philadelphia’s low vacancy rate combined with some of the lowest property taxes in USA create a powerful combination of reliable strong cash flow.

ABC has learned that our investors want a smooth and quiet investment. ABC’s model to completely renovate and warranty every house it sells is the model of the passive property investment industry.

In 3 years ABC has sold over 400 properties to investors in 22 countries. ABC’s average client has 5 houses. ABC employees over 30 full-time employees in its Philadelphia office doing property management and administration. In addition, ABC has over 100 contractors working exclusively for ABC in all of its renovations. ABC is renovating 40+ houses at a time and selling 20-25 houses per month. ABC paid over 2 million dollars in rents to its clients in 2013. In addition, ABC was the largest cash buyer of residential property in the city of Philadelphia last year.

The ABC Capital Investments staff has over 30-years combined property investment experience with over 3,000 property transactions serviced in the last 16 years. Our expertise is in investment selections, construction, and property-management. In fact, ABC has been awarded the best real estate investment firm of Philadelphia for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014).

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