A Perfect Storm

Buying investment properties can be and should be a very rewarding investment that will generate very nice cash flow and capital growth over the coming years. In writing this book we take a look at of some of the little-known nuances that investors will have to negotiate when purchasing an investment property in the U.S. We try to elaborate on some issues that are small and also some items of far greater importance that could cause an investor financial harm if they were caught unaware of the laws and customs.

Items that we will discuss in this book include:

  • Property Management The all-important subject of property management and tenants as the successful investor will need to manage their expectations in regard to property management.
  • Insurance Insurance and what to look for in your policies is another area that is very misunderstood and needs to be addressed by investors.
  • Property Criteria What to look for in providing properties to consider purchasing.
  • Investor Market Activity The different locations in the U.S where investor activity accounts for a large percentage of the current market activity.
  • Rehabilitations and Renovations :The pros and cons of renovating a property.

It is our goal to bring unbiased information to the reader and provide the reader with knowledge that will allow them to source properties and then go on to perform due diligence, settle and finally manage their property and property manager in a safe and efficient manner. David Newton, an Australian investor who had learned the hard way how not to invest in the U.S property market, teamed up with Jay Hinrichs to write the most concise and balanced advice available. What they are doing with this book is to present a balanced view of U.S investment properties, along with some of the pitfalls and landmines that the investor needs to watch for. The subject matter addresses certain due diligence that you should use when considering a purchase, along with subjects that most would not know about or know to ask.

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